The Vine July 2018

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Recently, I needed to revise for an exam which was based on the prison letters of Paul. The prison letters being Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon. One of the questions asked was what did Paul mean by the term ‘mystery’ in his letters.
This question captured my imagination, so I decided to write my first article for The Vine on this fascinating subject.

The Greek word ‘mystÄ“rion’ has a different meaning (to what we might be used to): a divine or heavenly reality which is regarded as hidden or secret and can only be known when revealed by the gods.

It could be said that the Apostle Paul had such an experience on the road to Damascus. Acts 9 gives the account of Saul starting his journey to becoming Paul. It is interesting that Paul was blind for three days; I wonder what was going on in his mind during that time.

Colossians 1:25-27 Paul talks about being a steward in making the word of God fully known, he also talks about the mystery which has been hidden for ages and generations.
However, the mystery has now been revealed.

Ephesians 3:6 the mystery is that the Gentiles through the gospel are heirs with Israel, one body sharing the promise in Christ Jesus.

What an incredible transformation Paul received from our Lord Jesus. He once had murderous intentions towards the disciples, and now he has been made steward of the divine mystery. Paul was charged with revealing this mystery to the Gentiles, who after all were included in God’s plan to become children and heirs of the Kingdom.

We too have quite a responsibility in sharing this mystery with people that do not know they are children of God. It is not an easy message to bring, especially to those that do not want to listen, but like Paul, something so profound was revealed to him that he had no choice, but to share this good news with others.

I pray that as God moves in the church, we would learn from Paul’s letters. Jesus transformed him into a messenger of the gospel to the Gentiles. Paul knew who he was in Christ, he knew the message to share, and he also knew that one day he would be with his saviour.

Paul suffered a lot on his journey, but he ran the race God gave him to run; I pray we will run the race with the ultimate prize in mind.
We are children of God and our inheritance is secure for those who put their faith in Jesus.

God bless you all.

Darren Passmore

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