The Vine March 2018

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Your guide to what’s happening at Elim Hope Church this month

March as a month brings a variety of change. The nights draw out, the season changes from Winter to Spring on the 21st March, the clocks go forward by an hour on Sunday the 25th along with the run-in to Easter. Within this month is also Mothering Sunday, where we now celebrate and pay tribute to our mothers.

For many, Mothering Sunday can be a difficult day, the loss of a mother can be emotionally tough, and hard to bear. I too know the reality of this as this will be the second Mothering Sunday without my mum. It is hard to know how I will feel on that day, however, I had a mum who cared about her children and loved them all dearly. So, my plan is to celebrate her life, even though I miss her.

If you have had a difficult relationship with your mother, then I would encourage you to put your trust in a God who can heal the deepest of scars (Is. 41:13; Ps. 30:2; Ex. 15:26). Allow this Mothering Sunday to be a celebration of God’s gift to us all, the gift of mothers. I will be celebrating my mum but also my children’s mother who is deeply devoted to her children and will thank God for her.

March also has another key event for us, Good Friday. This is the day we reflect on the ultimate sacrifice of a loving Saviour to bring all of humanity back in right standing before God. It is a day we reflect on the punishment that Jesus took for us. The mocking he had to endure. The chastisement and the beating he took for you and me, and then led to his final place of torture on a hill, exhausted, carrying his own cross and then nails driven into his hands and feet. Hoisted up for all to see. Good Friday we think upon the brutality that our Saviour endured so that you and I will be cleansed of all the things we have done wrong.

Soon there was darkness and the curtain veil on the temple was torn in two, and Jesus gave up His Spirit (Matt. 27: 32-56; Mk. 15: 21-41; Lk. 23: 26-49; Jn. 19: 16-37) What a Saviour that would endure such sorrow, but Jesus was fuelled by the love he had for us all. We will be having a service on Good Friday to reflect on Jesus’ death, knowing that this is not the end of the story... On Easter Sunday, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and His triumph over death!

Please come along and join us at 10 am at Elim Hope Church on Good Friday and 10:30 am on Easter Sunday, where we can come together as a family to be thankful for the greatest sacrifice this world has ever seen. I look forward to seeing you there.

Rev. Scott Pash


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